cast Polypropylene Films (cPP)

Non-oriented multi-layer polypropylene triniflex® cPP film is obtained by extrusion on a chilled-roller. This process allows producing  films with similar mechanical features to PE and optical features close to OPP.

Cast film is characterized by high gloss, transparency and increased barrier to water vapor. The low specific gravity contributes to effective  packaging performance better than other films of the same thickness.

Ideal for perforation and lamination. The “cast” film is very well welded on “hot knife” devices. The cPP also produces a strong seal with hot jaws as the inner layer of the laminate.


cPP General purpose film, laminating, food and office packaging 

cPP 12 μm Ultra-thin foil, for packing fresh vegetables (lettuce, broccoli), for machines working on site,

cPP AF Film with anti-fog characteristics

cPP PEEL Film for easy-open packaging

cPP PEEL AF Film for easy-open packaging with anti-fog characteristics

cPP FREEZE Film intended for very low-temperature packaging (up to – 26 ° C)

cPP CLEAR Very high clarity film, so called ‘ high transparent’




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