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Chemical Works “Nitro-Chem” S.A. is a company with many years of manufacturing experience. For over 70 years we have been operating in the explosive industry and our high production potential, diverse technical and logistic backgrounds as well as a creative team of specialists are the main assets of our company.

“Nitro-Chem” Plastic Film Division, was established in 2011, in the process of the diversification of the company’s production activities. With the support of EU grants from the Innovative Economy – Operational Program, the cutting edge production line of the German company Reifenhauser, dedicated to the production of non-oriented CAST films has been purchased. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been building and developing TRINIFLEX brand investing in the most up-to-date solutions, taking care of the highest quality of our products and meeting the expectations of our customers.

We offer a wide selection of polypropylene, polyester and polylactide films intended for packaging not only in the food industry, but in all segments of the market where plastic films are used.

– CAST – Triniflex cPP polypropylene films with thicknesses in the range of 12-200 micrometers (cPP Antifog, cPP Antifog / Peel, cPP Peel, cPP Freeze, cPP Clear, cPP Antifire)

– CAST – Triniflex cPET polyester films with thicknesses in the range of 25-200 microns (cPET, cPET G, cPET / cPBT, cPBT)

– CAST – Triniflex cPLA polylactide films, with a thickness of 20-150 microns, belonging to the biodegradable group.

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