cast Polyester Films (cPET)

Non-oriented, polyester Triniflex® cPET film is obtained by extrusion on a chilled – roller. The process allows to obtain an amorphous film with excellent dimensional stability.

Triniflex® cPET is characterized by excellent optical properties and good barrier properties, which, combined with the ability to create welds and shape memory, makes it not only an alternative to BOPET film, but can also be used in other demanding applications not available for bi-oriented film. Triniflex® cPET film can be used in applications where cellulose films have been used so far.

Some rigid polypropylene and PVC films can also used in some applications. Polyester film is available in many types depending on how it is used (Triniflex® cPET lamination, twist, barrier, thermoforming, sealing).


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