cast PLA

The 100% compostable Triniflex cPLA film is produced using environmentally friendly processes. The combination of biodegradable properties with the possibility of printing, shape memory and scratch resistance make the Triniflex® cPLA film an excellent alternative to other plastic films. This modern material can be successfully used in the production of bags, disposable sachets, packaging for food products with a short shelf-life as well as packaging of dry, frozen or oil-containing food.

cPLA film is characterized by good barrier properties both in relation to substances included in the aromas, as well as solvent molecules or oils. Shape memory and torsional properties allow the use of a polylactide film for packaging sweets and confection products. Bending durability and torsional properties of this material are comparable to those of cellulose films and about 20% better compared to other thermoplastics. Like our other products, this material is also suitable for welding, laminating and thermoforming. Thickness range 40 – 150 µm.


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