cast PP d2w

As a response to the growing market interest, we are introducing to our offer another new product of the Triniflex brand – cPP TRINIFLEX d2w – oxybiodegradable cast film.

 cPP TRINIFLEX d2w– oxybiodegradable film contains a modern addition of D2W for an oxygenic degradation of polypropylene films d2w task is to accelerate the decomposition of the film by reducing the length of polymer chains leading to the degradation of the polymer to a form an absorbable by microorganisms. These microorganisms break down polymer residues into ingredients  absorbed by plants. Everything in just 22-24 months!

 cPP Triniflex d2w film works as well in all applications as a standard polypropylene. Worth noticing is the fact, that with the addition of d2w we can also modify other special films available in our offer:

  • Triniflex THIN 12 μm cPP film – e.g. for packing iceberg lettuce,
  • CPP Triniflex Freeze film – for freezing,

Other Triniflex cast films that are used in:

  • production of food bags,
  • packaging for fresh vegetables and fruits,
  • packaging for flowers and herbs,
  • laminating with other bio films.


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